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About Me


veteran of big and small tech companies

In San Francisco and Silicon Valley tech, things happen fast! I've built up companies from nothing and I've worked with the biggest tech companies in the world. Work with me and let's set you up to succeed.


Fundamental principles of design

The saying form follows function is essential to my design philosophy. There exists in every design tradition this principle and it manifests as timeless, easy to use designs that last.


Holistic big picture thinking

Design doesn't exist in a vacuum! It's employed by those running companies to achieve a better product and a better bottom line. We can benefit our users and our business at the same time. It's possible!


Ethical integrity

For me, no endeavor is worthwhile that harms other beings. I believe in ethical integrity in my work and have had to turn down projects that involve harm to animals or humans. I also believe in being true to my word. I am a good communicator and you can expect an easy time communicating with me!

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What I do

Design process stage

UI UX | Product Design


UX Research and strategy process

Whether we're starting a new project, feature, or a redesign, I gather requirements and explore possible solutions with you. We incorporate market and user research and explore several possible approaches together before investing in one.


UI DEsign & 
Design System

Based on our UX design process we generated solutions and narrowed them down to a synthesis of our best ideas. Then comes the detailed UI work that culminates in a realistic vision of the end product.



It's wonderful to see our work come alive in the world, and to go from design to live product is quite a journey. Having so much experience in tech, I can help you shepherd our project through development and into the hands of your customers.


International A' Design Award
@Honda Research
>1 Billion Downloads
1.46 Billion iPhone Users Impacted
Contributed to approx. $300M in annual revenue

I work with positive, innovative brands

My Clients

our brand values

• Ethical and positive work. We don't accept projects that harm living beings, and we work well with brands that uplift.

• Business impacting design. We have the business savvy to create mutual value for both the customer and the business.

• Friendly, responsive, and communicative. We know what it's like to be an employer and we excel in responsive communication. You'll never be left hanging.

• Visuals at the top of its class. Design makes an impact immediately in its visual presentation. You can expect beautiful visual design when you work with us because we have high standards for what we produce.

• Full design process from workshops and research all the way to every single screen, button state, and design system. We even manage developers to ensure the design is built correctly.

• Join our A list of positive tech brands. We have a clientele list of the top tech brands in the world, join us!

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