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Caio Terra Online offers a video subscription for learning Brazilian Jiujitsu from Caio Terra. Despite having a functional website and apps, the design lacked in both aesthetics and usability. Our UX design process revealed user preferences for a modern, easy-to-use experience, leading to the redesign of the apps. My role involved creating a fresh, user-friendly design for iOS and Android, focusing on a content-first approach with simplified navigation, including "infinite scrolling" and essential features like search and category filters. I conducted user and market research, developed initial sketches and wireframes, and finalized the design using Figma, incorporating client feedback. Finally I am working with developers to implement the design in React Native as well as working with Github, Postman, API's, WordPress, payment technologies such as Stripe, and cross platform user management systems.

User Research
Workshops And Strategy
Sketching & Wireframing
User Flows
Visual Design
Project Management
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